Four Types of Senior Exercises

Doing exercises as we age will have many benefits and one would be living independently longer and not having to have someone to help with your everyday life. There are many different exercises to achieve this and there are several that will work a senior’s body and make one feel better.

Strength training.

As we age, we can lose a great deal of muscle tone. Doing some strength training will help build the muscles to assist with common everyday activities. One can start out with small weights or even 1 lb. cans of vegetables until using these becomes too easy and then they can increase the weight to the next level. Doing strength exercises can increase ones bone density and avoid any future health issues.


Sometimes we forget to do stretches, which are very beneficial for our bodies. Dr. Mark Caruso feels these stretches would best be done two to three times a week. Stretching will increase blood circulation throughout the body and help to maintain range of motion. Stretching before one steps out of bed will make it easier to move all your joints.


It is well known that as a person ages, they are more susceptible to falling, which can be devastating and cause more problems for the senior, as well as their families. As we age, our weight seems to increase more rapidly than when we were young. Doing some form of cardio can greatly help with this problem. Besides increasing the blood flow to the body, it can also help with ones outlook on life. One can get cardio by doing brisk walking around your yard or going to a gym to use their machines. Gardening, vacuuming and walking are great for helping your body maintain your heart health as well as the rest of your body.

Balance exercises

It is known, that as one ages, balance can be a big problem. The leg muscles decrease their ability to catch ourselves when we trip and then fall down. Squats and leg presses are exercises to help strengthen the quad muscles in the thighs to help with balance. Trying to stand on one leg with a chair nearby and holding this while counting to ten is one exercise that will help with your balance. Then you switch to the other leg. Doing this everyday will increase your balance considerably.

Exercising in groups

Many senior centers have group exercise classes. This is very beneficial for your mind and body. A group experience can bring a person several new friendships and help with the challenges of the exercises.

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