Medicare refers to the insurance cover that is provided to those people who are aged 65 and above. It is offered to younger people who have certain disabilities which the federal insurance program caters for.

The adults who also qualify are those that have certain medical conditions such as the Loy Gehrig’s disease or those who are permanently disabled.

Qualifications for eligibility.

  1. One may become eligible if they worked for the entire or maximum required period to retirement and they promptly paid taxed according to the federal laws in the U. S.
  2. The other qualification may apply even if you did not work for the required period but one will be expected to pay more than the first qualification.

Medicare is divided into four different parts whereby each of them plays its roles and these are:


Part A: It is a normal hospital insurance where one is entitled to Inpatient services, defined time for home care medical attention and also a given limit of receiving nursing attention.

For one to qualify for this service, you need to have worked for at least ten years and has faithfully paid the taxes during the working tenure. If you have qualified in this instance, then you are eligible for a free premium.

If contrary to this, one is required to top up the premium for the same.


Part B: Part B is a medical insurance and normally it covers for benefits such as the X-ray services, Practitioners visits, blood tests and the overall outpatient services. It generally covers doctors’ visits.

One pays a certain premium at the beginning of the year in Medicare part B plan for it to start off. Most people who earn higher salaries pay a higher fee compared to those on lowers income levels.

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Part C: Well known as Medicare Advantage and it combines the government health insurance and the insurance that is offered by the private insurance companies based in the U. S. The companies must be approved by the Medicare for them to be accommodated into the program.

Part D. Medicare part D entails those drugs that are prescribed by the doctors and they help in reducing the entire cost of the medication. It also incorporates private Insurance companies that are approved by Medicare.

Conclusion: The most important aspect in Medicare is to ensure that the seniors do not struggle during their old age to get medical attention and as such, before enrolling to any of the defined programs, ensure it fits what you need support on.